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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Hey hey it is me.

So school has been interesting to say the least. Its bloody cold first of all. That sucks. I hate it. I soooo want warm now. Karate is gonna kick my ass. We just did some stances today and my left leg reached its limit... as in it started shakeing uncontrollably. I was starting to freak out. Im like what the frick is wrong with me? My legs still are sore. stupid. We didnt even work that hard i didnt think. That said it is really fun and i actualy felt like i was learning alot. Its so complicated. All the form and controll you have to get just to throw a punch. If you do it wrong you like break your shoulder... or your knee... or your groin. Im not kidding. And its not funny. well kinda.

Audio enginering is going well. I love this kind of thing... but it is really hard and its bascally like we are running our own stiudio... we are in charge of EVERYTHING... inculdeing refreshments for the bands. lol. but no its really fun. I also have New media and culture... i fell asleep. And economics of new media... i fell asleep. And Drama and the media... thats a 3 hour night class... but the teacher is so full of energy im afraid to fall asleep lest she explode at me in a sarcastic rant and insult my intellegence or something.

Ive met a new friend. Her name is Gina. Mitch met her at a movie party or something he had one day... i dont know the details. But basically the three of us have sort of started a tuesday night tradition of food gathering. We went to the Wok today. mmmmm MSG.

I have rekindled my love of AFI if you couldnt tell from previous posts. Basically i got really sick of Metal cuz most of it is so generic. Ive returned to likeing styles of music i used to like from the earlyer years of high school. Like AFI. but now its different. Im getting into electronic puck stuff like Silversun Pickups and Shiny Toy Guns. Also if any of you like Paramore check out Meg & Dia. They are just like Paramore but with a slightly different flavor. They seem less focused than paramore, more free form. Their style is more broad as well. Its interesting. But like i said it is a slight difference and you kinda have to be really in tune with the music to pick it up.

So ive decided to write the backstory to "Lockdown" as Jen suggested. Its funny because "Lockdown" is really more of an exagerated description of something that really happend. Just how much is exagerated is actualy very little. In fact most of the descriptions are 100% accurate such as what i was wearing, where i was and what i was doing.

So the Backstory will probably end up being a big metaphor for the actual back story as well. It should make for some interesting writing but its complex and i have to work it out. I will probably add character names and tell it from a different perspective just to shake things up. Its cool because i havent written anything since my fiction class and i really should use what i learned for something... like this silly blog ive been useing since 2004. haha.

Finnaly i wish to appologize to some people who have been wrong by something i posted a few days ago. Like the post below me says im passive aggressive to a fault. So much so that i dont even know im doing it untill its too late. And apparently more people read this thing than i thought. If you do read it and havent before commented before please do so. I appriciate feedback of all kinds and would love to know just who is reading this thing.

This is entry number 336. And i still dont know such things. Haha. anyways. gnight all. have a wonderful week.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

So i'm passive aggressive so sue me.

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Friday, January 25, 2008
Top 5 Part II

The first top five list I wrote was about my top five favorite guitarists. No Hendrix was not on there because the list was specifically, "Top five modern and living guitarists." He's dead Jim.

This time around it is my top five favorite albums. Now this is different than favorite bands and songs. An album has to have more than just good songs on it or be released by a great band. In order for an album to be truly great it has to be coherent in structure. it has to change and flow in perfect time to tell a story. (not literally). A great album is one that the songs themselves are great yes, but that when you listen to one and only one you find that you are missing something of the big picture. Its rare these days that bands treat the album as the piece of art that they should be and instead just through songs on them. So lets take a look at the very best in recent memory.

5. Switchfoot's "A Beautiful Letdown."
This album has a sweet subtleness to it that makes it work very well. The songs are but together in perfect order and the band expertly changes the feel and mood of their songs. Opening with an astounding rocker with "Meant to Live" they continue the assault but then get moody with "Dare you to Move" after that the songs become very spacey like the hero of the story has been broken and is now rebuilding himself. They close with a powerful song that gives the impression that a lot has been lost but he has come to terms with it. Add to that the fact that this is one of the few albums out there on Sony’s dual disk format with the DVD side having a true 5.1 surround sound mix which is fantastic sounding and you have a winning album for sure.

4. Coheed and Cambria’s “Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume I: From fear Through the Eyes of Madness.” Leave it to C&C to make up the most complex album title ever. I mean really! But what an album it is. Unlike the other albums on this list this one really does tell a story, lyrically. And it’s the same story that C&C have been telling since the first album. Lord knows what the story actually is. Haha. But it is a story nonetheless. And this album is the most epic yet. (I’m told the newest album is even more so but I’ve not heard that yet. So…) The album playes out like a movie with a beginning middle and end. The end is the best part of the album as a whole. It is an amazing symphony of rock with four separate movements. It is truly spectacular.

3. Evan and Jaron’s “Evan and Jaron.” This album is epic. This band is epic. These guys are some amazing songwriters. Their style lies somewhere between rock and folk. They aren’t really folk rock, but they drift in and out between a twangier folkier sound and some straight up rock. This album is more of a rock album and it was one of the first albums that I ever really listened to and liked. The songs are expertly crafted and sound just great. It opens with the rocker “Outerspace.” Which flows into a picked acoustic guitar that gradually builds. The whole album just melds from the first song into the next. It closes with one of the saddest songs I have ever heard, “I Could Fall.”

2. AFI’s “Sing the Sorrow” AFI was on the last list too… they are really great just fyi. But great for a reason. The previous three albums have been great, but “Sing the Sorrow” is on a whole different level. This album paints a picture in your mind. And it is there from song 1. Think lightning storm with no rain, and a barren and blackened wasteland, with streaks of orange and red on the horizon, and or the first terminator movie. Then once that song is done the picture stays and a story is created in it. The whole album just has this feel and it is incredibly cool. Its unlike anything else. To top it all off the songs are great, every last one of them. They are brooding and dark but fast and hit hard. The band members are all excellent at their instruments and the vocals are top notch. But when listened to separately they don’t have the same effect as the whole album. However once you’ve heard the whole album the songs themselves conjure up the same imagery. Its great.

1. Lostprohets “Start Something” If ever there was a way to craft an album this is it. It is a different approach than “Sing the Sorrow” in that it paints its picture very gradually. It opens up rocking like any standard rock album, but quickly becomes something more. Its not just 12 songs on an album… its more like one song with 12 movements. They all connect to one another. They just slide into each other. There is no gap, no dead space. Only once or twice do the songs actually stop. They are still coherent songs in and of themselves but when listened too all the way through one feels as though the album is speaking to them. And then there is the ending. It is a spacey techno rocker that lasts for oh… 10 and a half minutes. There is a xylophone part that is so out there and its juxtaposed with all this synth and spoken word vocals and a female vocalist singing. The final chord is held out for over 1:30 minutes. Its epic to be sure. But when its closing an album like this it just works. It just works.

And there you have it. My 5 favorite albums of all time. There is a lot on there and there are a lot of great albums. But these are my favorites. These are bands that understand the art. These are bands that understand that what they are doing is a little different than what everyone else is doing.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The fresh snow drowns out all sound in this forest. There is no wind hissing in the trees, no cars passing on the road. The only sound that can be heard save for my breathing is the feint hum of the power lines, and they are over 100 yards away. It is in this location that i have chosen to meet my foe. I have fought many an enemy in this forest. Whether or not i won any of then only time can tell.

This night i wait standing in my leather jacket that seals me against the cold. The hood of my hoodie is drawn and my blade is safe in the saya. My feet stand in boots a size and a half too big for me and my pants have holes in them. The temerature is hovering somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees but i do not flinch, and i do no waver.
No matter what your perception of me might be outside of this place, when i go into this forest i do so for one purpose and i do not back down for any reason. In this forest I go to do what i need to do.

As the hour grows late i turn and face my demon. brandishing my blade i place the saya in my belt and stand ready to meet my foe. I strike once! and twice! He reels from my blows but is un injured. As he backs away i pursue, i put all of my momentum into my strikes.

CLASH and CLANG our blades sound until the fight becomes so intense that i cannot help but let out a yelp of exhilaration. "Saiya!" i yell as i swing my sword for the last time. This time there is no clang. this time there is only the sound of my yell as it echos among the trees. My echo can be heard for several seconds. Im sure if she were outside my friend would hear it as well at her house.

The battle is over. Who has won? only time will tell.

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Friday, January 04, 2008
The Top 5

This is my top 5 list. of what? of whatever i feel like at the time. I will do more of these... maybe... if i like them.

This entry is about my Top 5 Guitarists...Modern and Living.

5. James Hetfield (Metallica), For his expert crafting of riffs and song composition, James Hetfield scores the number 5 spot on this list. His guitar work shines most on the track Master of Puppets where he shows the versatility of the guitar even in a genre as crude as thrash metal. It is hard hitting at times and soft and gentle at other times. He is the master metal guitarist.

4. Claudio Sanchaz (Coheed and Cambria), For his intracate song structures and slick riffs Sanchaz snags the number 4 spot. Few bands are as epic as C&C and sanchaz tells the story with pounding guitar riffs and excellent song writing.

3. Manabe Yoshiaki (The Pillows), while later Pillows tracks are dominated by Saowo's obsession with popie melodies and simple song structures, the golden era of the pillows is a guitar heavy punk beating with some of the most unconventional yet sonicaly pleasing solos to grace the underside of a compact disk.

2. Jade Puget (afi), Jade is one of the best living guitarists now that doesnt get the recognition he deserves. Afi has some of the most intracate riffs of any punk band and nowadays they probably dont even fit into the punk genre. On top of that Jade is the ONLY guitarist in afi live or otherwise and he has written the songs to be played so that they are interesting played by himself as well with overdubs. His sound to date is one of the rawest most satisfing crunches ever to come out of a guitar cab. As the only guitarist in my band i really look to him on how to write songs for single guitar.

1. Neal Schon (Journey) probably the most technicaly proficent on this list, but that isnt what earns him the number one spot. He is the guitarist that inspired me to play the guitar. His solos are living things and breathe with an intensity that is surpassed only by his speed and presision. The new journey may be a small shadow of what they once were but that doesnt mean Neal cant still rock with the best of them.

The factors that influence my choices in guitarists are weighted in this order,

1. Infuence on me
2. Writing ability
3. Ability to preform live or otherwise.
4. technical ability.

As you can see technical ability is last and i do not care about it so much. Thats why Hetfield is on here instead of Hammet from Metalica.

This has been my first top 5 list. There will probably be more... stay tuned!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007
This is why

This is why i never buy music off itunes, and will NEVER buy music of itunes or any other source. If i am going to buy music it WILL be a cd.

This link explains why.

If you are too lazy to read it... cds sound better. YES ITS NOTICABLE!

And my hearing is shot so if i notice it than you should too.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Film Review!

So i just watched Star Wars Episode I for no good reason and as im watching it i think to myself... why did i hate this movie so? I used to think it was the worst of the new 3 but now i think its the best. Of course being the best turd still means you are a turd.

Lets see. No one can act save for the 2 jedi and possibly Natilie Portman and Ian McKellan. The Diologe sounds like it was written by a middle schooler. There are points in the story that make me go "Wait... and this 'coincidentaly' just happens to work?" I mean sure... Jake Lloyd can win the pod race cuz he's the chosen one... but R2-D2 gets to fix the shield genorator cuz hes the best put together droid? Im sorry when did that matter in the face of relentless laser fire? Also i didnt know that being "the chosen one" meant that you can build a pod racer that goes 10x faster than everyone elses... even though they arent slaves and can afford much better stuff.

But... there were moments in the movie that made me go... huh... this movie rules. Like... any sequence with darth maul. He still looks badass and he still kicks ass. The end movie lightsaber scene, while shorter than i remember, is still one of the best sword fights ive ever scene and the music. John Williams really out did himself with the score of that movie. Its brilliant. The pod raceing scene... minus the stupid diffrence in horse power is still sweet to watch... especialy on a good sound system cuz the sound design is top notch. If nothing else it is a aural and visual master piece. everything is seemlessly integrated into the movie. The CG actualy does look very natural and is unobtrussive.

Then there are the moments that make me want to vomit... errr anything with the word or creature "gungan" in it and/or any time i hear jar jar speak. each time he does i loose a little bit of my ability to speak english correctly. Whosa are yousa indeed. Anikins forward question of "are you an Angel?" also made me nearly snot myself in laughter. So what do you say when you meet a pretty girl? "are you an angel?" is not my idea of a good pickup line.

But then there are moments where Liam Neeson delivers his diologe with elogance and grace. And he should have gotten an oscar for "best actor who was given crappy diologe." He made it work. too bad he died.

Overall the movie was an enjoyable experience even after all these years. When i wasnt actualy entertained by the movie i was laughing at george lucas and wondering how he ever got star wars episode iv to not suck. So that made the bad parts berable and the good parts stand out as, "oh george must have been sick that day." In any case... stuff blows up... lightsabers are swung and the music is pretty. if you dont like any of that then... no it wont have gotten better with age.

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Monday, December 10, 2007
A list of grievences

1. I cant spell.

lol. its very true i cant spell. but its minor in the scheme of things.

2. Ive been single for 3 years.

Yes i know some of you could say youve been single for longer... but really after the 2nd year the feeling is all the same... so you should know exactly how i feel. I could go on and on about how i can not find anyone who likes me and how all the girls that i have ever liked only wanted to just be friends. (yes even Rachael, she only dated me cuz i pushed... little known fact for yah there.) But i wont cuz i dont care... im like getting used to it or something... which is depressing in and of itself. ewww

3. I feel guilty for abandoning the youth group.

Sometimes i feel like ive turned my back on God or something... but i havent... just the youth group. But honestly all i did was run sound for them... and they only really needed me once and now that ive shown adam how to do it they dont need me at all. Also i never even said i wanted to sign up. I sorta did cuz i wanted to help out... but the reality of it is i would much rather be doing something else... like hanging out with my friends. haha. Im a bad person for that but its true and i wont deny it. But even before that it was stressful and i didnt wanna do it because A... i had to get up insanely early and im sorry... but unless im getting paid... no. B the worship team is whiney and not musical. (there i said it) C. Everyone wanted it done their own way and i was like fine... do it your way. (but secritly i did it MY way). Im sorry but im the one who has done this in school. Im the one whos MAIN INTEREST is sound and the production of shows and albums. Do i know everything about it cirtainly not but i do know what i am doing. THE SUBWOOFER IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!! (there i said that too good grief).

Now im angry and dont feel so guilty anymore... but i do sorta.

4. I dont know who i am.

Amy said i have an identity crisis. That is the truth. I dont know who i am. I dont know what i like. I dont know what kind of person i am. I dont know what i want to do with my self. Here is what i do know. I love God. I love friends. I love guitar. i love music. I love sound.

Conclusion: start a christian band with my friends right? Wrong.

I dont really like christian music. Like switchfoot is good... but they arent THAT christian. They have christian overtones in their music but they dont sing... "I love God." every chorus of every song. Same with all the other christian bands i like. And worship bands are good and all... at sonshine. But i dont listen to them elsewhere cuz they just arent my cup of tea. Im sorry if that makes me a bad person but i just feel that the usual christian worship songs are overdone and lack... substance.

Paramore is christian and they arent a christian band.

Woah tangent. really i just have a hard time seeing myself for who i am. I cant get outside my body to look at my life.

I once asked ppl on facebook to sum me up in one word... it was a quiz thing or whatever. the responces? "Weird, Intreugeing, odd, ect, ect." o.0 wow thanks guys. they manage to say so much and yet so little at the same time. Those are the most empty adjectives ive ever seen im sorry. they just are.

5. im out of money.

I will end with this cuz its easyest. easyest to explain easyest to solve. I need funds and i should get a job. yep. still the interem period is stressful cuz it does take a bit of time to get a job. What with modern day requirements of a drug test and blah blah blah.

o.0 tomorrow i get my final take home exam for cinema and ideology. = death to me. = i should sleep now. = its bloody cold out = i dont wanna go = bikeing in this stuff sux. = my life sux = i need summer now = wakeboarding!

now that is how my brain works right there. That is an exact copy of my train of thought there. Notice how i went from class all the way to wakeboarding in only 8 steps. And you wonder why im so scatter braind haha.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So today was interesting. I woke up at 8am my usual time and checked the weather, which said it was 5 degrees out... so i promptly said "NO" and went back to bed. Then at 11 i woke up and my dad texted me and we went to lunch. It was good i had a buffalo chicken sandwich. But thats beside the point.

Dave came down to visit and see me play my first "concert." Basicaly it was me playing a song for my class. But i got a bag of chocolates and apparently an extra quiz point for it. so woo! The song went... ok. I messed up several times... and the mixer had a setting that made channel one's sound louder than everything else whenever it detected someone singing into it... channel one was my vocal... so the concert consisted of very quiet guitar and very LOUD my voice singing... :'(


but that is good because it made me forget the fact that i forget my lyrics easily... and the fact that i wrote them on my arm before hand... im a looser. but i got through it. my teacher was intreagued. (He's in a band). Dave thought it was cool that i could even do it. And a decently pretty blonde girl told me "good job".

i should have asked her out.

afterwards Dave and i went back to my apartment and dinked around in linux... and im still in linux because windows died. i have no windows anymore. stupid microsoft poop.

then Dave and i went to guitar center. It was good. I played my favorite B52 amp with a SWEET fender telecaster like the one that the guitarist in Paramore uses. IT was cool. sounded so awesome. I WANT THAT AMP! its so yummy sounding. i could just listen to it all day. Then i moved to a less awesome amp... but still had the awesome guitar... but the amp was really close to the bass section. So the Bassist and Guitarist of Four Way Fish Kiss had a little jam session right in guitar center. We played Misery Buissnes... and got told to turn it down... but the other employee seemed to enjoy it. whatev. were rebels. lol.

Then we tryed to find chipotle... and i called everyone who i thought would no... but no one picked up. Dave called people he knew and no luck... so we said screw it we will eat at the chopotle by my appartment... then as we were just getting back on the freeway Amy calls me back with the information that we were less than a block from the chipotle... and that we went runnign around on a wild goose chase for no good reason... gay. We still ate at the one at my apartment. Then dave went home and i went to mitches house and dinked around on the internet... much like now. I like haveing my paper done... means i dont have to do much. ^_^

that was my day. I really just wanted to tell how the concert went but ended up rambleing. tis k I needed this. rawr moo llama yeay!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

When is a band actualy a band? Ive been saying im in a band for about 2 months now but i was jokeing... wasnt I?

Apparently not! 4-way Fish Kiss wrote its first song over this past weekend! Yeay!!! cheer for us! I wrote a guitar part and then Kristi came over with some lyrics and we hacked it together. And i mean hacked it. It needs polishing. First of all were are both alot more concerned with what the end product ends up being... this isnt like one of my solo songs where i just throw it together and call it good. Now we actualy have to think about what we are writing. Im glad she writes the lyrics though cuz im no good at it. Ever read the lyrics to my songs? they suck. Anyways... we rock... and dont have a drummer at the moment cuz... of stuff. yeah. about that.

so i just stayed up way late cuz i thought i had a 7 page paper due today and then the printer didnt work so i had to go to mitches early this morning to print it off but then when i got to class the teacher was like "i wanna remind you that your papers are due on wedddneeeessssdayyyyyy." noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

So anyways i hated life for a while but im over it. on to bigger things right? I just wrote another fish kiss song. i rock. also we put in a cheat code to unlock through the fire and flames for guitar hero 3. and i got 72%! thats bad. its hard. my arms hurt. im hungry. i want dinner but its not dinner time... i think my apple juice is bad. i cry. oh well. anyways... rock on friends! Check out our band we are cool! laters!

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