My name is Nate. I live in a small town but am currently stationed at college. Ive kept up this blog for quite a while now and dont intend to stop anytime soon. In it you can see just how much things have changed over the years. Enjoy.

Here are some songs I have written.

The Need
Lost Friends
Lost Friends X2

Here is the first song of mine that Jen has sung.

The Lost Lamb
Knowing Grace

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This site has a broken comments system. And its broken in other ways. So while it pains me to leave after all these years... and while it pains me that i never got the 10,000th hit... the new blog is a revived old one

see you there!

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh wow. I just backed up my entire blog into a word document. Just so you know, I can have a backup in case this site goes down. That would suck if I didnít have it backed up. But now its saved offsite. Strange thing isÖ I filled up 200 pages worth of stuff.


Sigh, my blog is 200 pages of single spaced type. Iíve been writing for a while. ^_^

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Friday, May 02, 2008
The Weird Things That Happen

I Just had a 45 minute conversation with a guy from Holland, who was in Holland, who was high on ecstasy, who loves anime, and who I met on Counter Strike.

I learned a lot about the differences in our cultures right away. He is 17 and canít get his license until he is 18. Poor guy. Weed is legal there (already knew that) and you can get whatever drug you want easier than a pair of socks (his words almost). I suspected that but wasnít sure. But in spite of the X and the Weed and what else all he wants to do is drive a car. And an American car at that. A Dodge to be precise. And here I thought that Europeans didnít like American Cars. Haha.

I talked to him at midnight; he said it was 7 in the morning there. I didnít ask what he was doing awake at 7 in the morning on a Friday morning playing counter strike. It was a most interesting experience.

Also he introduced me to using the word Chill instead of Cool for thingsÖ I said I liked it and I will probably start using it in my speech. lol.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How can someone love a movie so much that it pains them to not be watching it? I donít know but that is quite how I feel about the movie Spirited Away. I have probably ranted and raved about Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisashi before but really it cannot ever be stressed enough.

I think I have now moved to a point where I can call Spirited Away my favorite movie of all time. It has surpassed Indiana Jones. I know I know ďOmg nate how can a movie surpass Indiana Jones?!?!Ē wellÖ it does so by being the most emotion filled honest innocent epic ever created thatís how.

Miyazaki as a writer and as a director has often been called the modern day Walt Disney, but I think he has surpassed Walt Disney. He does things with the Animation medium that Walt could only begin to imagine. It is so utterly fantastic, the lights the motion, the original and excellent artwork, the story that seethes with originality and fun. YesÖ it is that good.

Now I know what you are thinking, ďoh Nate went out and watched Spirited Away again, now heís gonna rant about it.Ē

Well, no I didnít watch it actually. I donít think Iíve watched it since I saw it with Jen, who also liked it and she doesnít watch anime anymore. No actually I just found the Hisashi Meets Miyazaki Films album on ruckus. Itís a compilation of the soundtracks of some of the Miyazaki films that Joe Hisashi has scored.

Now if Miyazaki is a modern Walt Disney, then Hisashi is the next John Williams. His themes are so memorable, and so full of emotion. Spirited Away would be half of what it is with out Hisashi. It would still be an awesome film still to be sure, but all that raving and ranting I just did about it? Well now add the soundtrack, and multiply the awesomeness by One Billion! Hahaha. Seriously, Iím listening to the music from the movie right now. It conjures up so many memoriesÖ ohÖ and now its playing the main theme. That wonderful tune. It speaks that it does. It has something to say, and YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT. Well I can. This is what music without words should be. A chain of emotions strung together. It ebbs and flows. Hisashi truly understands his art, as does Miyazaki.

I cannot stress this enough. If you are reading this, then you NEED to watch Spirited Away. This is not a suggestion. This is a requirement. I am not joking. I do not care if you donít like anime. That doesnít matter. This surpasses anime, this surpasses ANY DISNEY MOVIE YOU HAVE EVER BLOODY SEEN!!!

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Monday, April 21, 2008
Eclectic Mix

To all who think Facebook is the devil:

Get over it! Facebook does not take over peoples lives. It is what you make of it. If you wanna post pics then do itÖ if you donít, donít. Its not like its hard not to post. Its not like it will dominate your life checking other peoples profiles unless you want to do it. I have had Facebook for years now and if anything I spend more time in than Facebook. I spend more time playing Guitar than Facebook. I spend more time driving my car than FacebookÖ heck I spend more time EATING than on Facebook. (And that says a lot coming from me 

Well thatís my rant about that.

Paramore. Paramore freaking rules all. They rock period. Even if I donít remember the concert because I spent all of my time fighting off squirming kids trying to get to the front row, they still put on the best show. Now was it better than at the MythÖ eahÖ I donít know Ö I didnít pay enough attention. It was a smaller venue so it was hard to compare. But man was it loud. And clear. I heard all that Hayley was saying. It was great. AlsoÖ Kristi and I decided that we wanted them to play Stop This Song because we love it and its not popular at all because its just a B-side. So we thought that I should scream at them to play itÖ but third song inÖ what do they play? STOP THIS SONG! (love sick melody) oh man it was so great. My voice roared like it never had before!

Also we met Maddie, who is a cool Iowan girl who happened to be at the concert. Fun times that it was.

The drive wasnít bad. Its not that far and it was exciting on the way down because of the rain. It was exciting on the way back because we got to play with Amyís car. Pudge and Colby had fun. ^_^

The hotelÖ seemed like it had been around for a few years but other than that it was fineÖ except I had no place to sleep so I didnít. Whatev. I slept in the chair a bit. Lol.

Today we remember the one who has gone before us. Today we remember Travis. Every year it feels a little better than the year before. Standing at the crash site today, I was almost calm. I was ok. I was happy. He had truly left for a better place I felt. Then I started reminiscing. That was a mistake. That made me sad. Not just because we donít get to see him for a long while, but also because it reminds me of more innocent times, of simpler times. I was 16 years old! What do 16 year olds care about? What do they have to care about? Well we found something to care about real quick. Everything changes. But my memory of Travis, of the person he was, will stay the same.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
No Sense

Today is my brothers birthdayÖ he is 18 years old today. O.o oh my. Heís an adult now. That means ive been an adult for over 3 and a half yearsÖ somethingís wrong with that. Dang thatís depressing. But good for him! He made it out of high schoolÖ or will soon. I remember when I made it out of that placeÖ only to run right into a similar place. I cry.

Enough of that jazz.

Today errÖ yesterday I guess I woke up at about 8 am from a dream and I thought to myselfÖ this will make a great manga! I must write the idea down. And I didÖ and I remember my dream. And I do think it would be a good mangaÖ so I shall write two at once! And see where that goes. Muwa hahaha!

Sorry Iím in a very weird mood. I wanna go to bed but also not because I think my roommates are still awake and are being noisy. Maybe theyíve gone to bed. Yeah I guess its quiet nowÖ Iíve had headphones on for a while.

Also I had the worst service at an Applebeeís today. Stupid waiter didnít give us silverwareÖ took 15 minutes to take our ordersÖ and then we didnít see him again until he brought us the checkÖ and then Gina had to leave for a meeting and Mitch just leftÖ and I sat there with the moneyÖ waitingÖ for another 15 minutes for him to come back and take my moneyÖ and then I waited another 5 minutes for him to run the dang thing. I left him 0 tipÖ but Mitch over tipped so it evened out. Bah.

Not much to talk about on any front. Paramore is coming up. But it seems so far away. Even if it isÖ 2 days awayÖ or 2 and a half. Whatever. Lol. I need sleep Iím out of here.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008
These are doctors.

Here are the three worst doctor names i have ever heard... and yes they are real.

Dr. Hurt.
Dr. Payne.

And one i just learned today...

Dr. Saw.


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Hello Computerland!

wow its been a while since Iíve written a blog blog. I donít even know what that means. Basically I see it as I havenít written a journal like entry in a while. Most are just postings about Paramore or what not. yeah. So I thought id write a little update on life and such.

The story:
Iím writing a manga thing with the assistance of Kristi and Andrew. They draw I write basically. I really really am having a hard time with the writing. Itís in story board form so the writing it self is mainly dialogue. I have to tell the entire story though dialogue... well that and descriptions of what characters are doing in panels. The idea here is that we can enter the Rising Stars of Manga contest by Tokyo Pop. Which would be totally sweet... except I that I have no idea of how good my story is. Their art is amazing. They both have different styles but they both draw so well. I want the story to be able to do it justice... but I donít know. It might suck. I hope not... I mean... I donít know. I try so hard to be original... but everything has basically been done. Romance, comedy, action, family issues, future stories, historical stories, stories where characters go back in time... stories where characters go forward in time, stories in space, stories on earth, stories under the earth, stories about humans, stories about animals, stories about stuffed animals, stories about going to the sun, now Iím running out of settings. The point is originality isnít really very easy. My short story teacher said, "Donít try to be original now until you have some more experience writing." well I did get a good grade in that class so maybe Iím doing something right. I just donít come up with too many stories... and the ones I do I make them so complex. Like this one. I'm trying to keep it focused.. And I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Itís hard to tell though because the only copy I have given to Kristi already. I have the other quarter. I guess Vie done about 85 to 90 pages so far. I need about 300 I'm told. I guess the only thing to do is just keep going and see what happens.

The girlfriend search:

I'm procrastinating on several aspects. Including but not limited to: Changing my major, and sub-letting my apartment. Wow I suck at life.

Again Iím procrastinating because I wanna a good full time job but I have to be in school too, but I want full time so I have money so I can pay for stuff (car, food, apartment) without having to fall back on my parents. Ive been a virus for far too long. This depresses me to no end.

Itís mostly fixed. I need to replace the timing belt not long after 100,000 and Iím almost there. Also breaks... but who uses those right?

It decides to crash to a blue screen at random intervals with various programs... sometimes no program. I believe it has something to do mostly with programs that use the internet... but this is not proven nor can I predict anything to test it. I wanna reformat but I donít wanna deal with it. Whatev.

I hate cooking in my apartment so I eat protein bars in place of meals. Or I eat out. Or if I need to I cook like... shells or ramen or hot dogs or pizza rolls. I have no fruit for this week. Maybe a slight problem.

New Media and Culture and The Economics of New Media are annoying. I donít even care that much about them but they annoy me to no end... somehow I got a b- on my econ mid term by sleeping in class and studying not at all. NMAC however has a 17 or so page term paper for me to do. Death to me. Audio engineering rules all as I knew it would. I just did the rough mixes on my most stressful project to date. But it was fun and I enjoyed myself... I think. I canít remember. I was in a daze. LOL. The mixing board is so amazingly complex and intricate and I needed to keep track of so much in my underused brain. More on that later. But it was good for me. I made it harder than I had to. I do that sometimes. But I think the result is really good. The teacher didnít yell at me... though I basically let him run the show because I was so frazzled by everything going on. Which is good. My brain is melt.

My Brain:
Is broken. I donít sleep right. I donít think right. I over think. I under think. I am incapable of making sound decisions. I drove like 100 miles today cuz my brain is stupid. = Iím stupid. bah.

I love music. I need it. I need more of it. Iíve gone through a stylistic change recently. I think I've talked about this. Basically I shifted from metal to punk as being my favorite genre. This was perpetuated by Paramore I think. One of the most honest bands out there I think. Now most of the metal I used to listen to sounds downright silly to me. 80's metal makes me laugh at its stupidity most of the time... Iím finding there are few really good songs. My favorite band still remains the pillows. Just because no one can match the feeling I get when I listen to Blues Drive Monster or Happy Bivouac or Last Dinosaur. My own songs are sad and depressing as always but that is because the happy songs Iíve written all sound stupid by comparison. I donít really know what Iím trying
To do with song writing but it seems to really help me sometimes. It seems to be the only thing I can do right. I like to listen to my songs, even if no one else likes them I will still like them. That way I can always have something good to listen to. A touring band may not always like to listen to their own songs because they listen to them all the time as they play them. But I like to listen to my songs. Right now Iím listening to Jimmy Eat World's "Drugs or Me" of the album "Futures." Itís such a good song. I remember lying on the couch in my uncleís condo in Florida senior year of high school. I listened to this CD for the first time there. I was so amazed by it. That was the time I was just starting to date Rachael. But I donít associate this CD with her. I most associate this CD with Amy, because it was to her that I played this CD when I asked her to accompany me to find a good Tux for prom... cuz I had no idea what I was doing. LOL. Thanks for that Amy... again haha. Anyway thatís why her ringbone is "Work" from the same CD.

I think thatís enough for now. See this is what happens when I donít write enough. It all comes out at once and then you all get a really long entry. Iím amazed if you even have made it this far. Well done indeed. Please comment so I feel like Iím writing to more than just a screen. :{

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Monday, March 24, 2008
Thats What You Get

Paramore's new video premiered today. I saw it. Its good as music videos go. I dont really like music videos though. The only ones ive ever really liked are Lost Prophet's Last Train (also happens to be my favorite song) and some of the Goriilaz music videos are cool... also Chronic Futures only music video is really good. I forgot the name of the song as i dont like it very much but the video is sweet... well the songs good too actualy. I dont know.

Anyway Paramore's video... good... standard stuff... its why i dont like music videos... not much ever really interesting but i like Paramore so i watched it.

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Monday, March 17, 2008
Stop pushing. I'll go when im good and ready!

People are in such a rush to get life done and over with. All throughout grade school the goal is to get to middle school. And from middle school to High school. High schoolers cannot wait to get out and go to college, or their jobs. College students just want a degree so they can get a better job. the working population just wants to save up for that awesome retirement. and retired people just sit on their savings untill they pass on.

yeah awesome.

The tone of this was alot more angry before but i thought that no one would understand it and as the anger is not directed and anyone who will read this its pointless as well.

I'll put it like this. I make desisions based on feeling and gut reactions than logic and thinking.

Buying my guitar. Picking my college. Buying my Car. Asking out someone.

I havent really had any such reaction to picking a major yet. I picked one cuz it needed to be done but i think that may have been a mistake. well no i take that back. It wasnt it was worth while i think... but not nessesarily for clear reasons. I understand a little bit of whats going on here but not all.

All i need to say is, if i am makeing a desision dont push me, dont rush me. I will do what I do and I will do it in time. Im waiting for something to set and click because something doesnt feel right yet. Nooo i dont know what but i will know it when i feel it. Trust me. I have a feeling I'm on the cusp of something here. So give me a little bit longer please.

I run on feeling and gut reactions almost entirely. Its who i am.

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