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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Happy Thoughts part 2

2 Years and some days ago i wrote a blog here called Happy Thoughts. It was about the Jazzman. The bus driver who plays jazz music on a boom box on one of the busses here at school. He is totaly still doing it. He upgraded his boom box but he is still here. He still cranks out those jazzy rythems. It makes for good times and helps make my day a little better each time i board his bus.

Its the little things in life that help us make it through the rough spots.

And belive me there are alot of rough spots.

I came across that entry while going through past entrys ive written. Its very interesting to see what ive written about in the past. Ive written so much. Over 4 years 300 entrys and over 9000 hits. Im just being nastalgic right now. i dunno. ^_^

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
in addition

Oh yeah. In addition to the spectacle made of myself this weekend. we went hot tubing in our underwear in the fridgid cold.

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Monday, March 10, 2008
The things i do.

I woke up today in a not so great mood. I was sad. And depressed. Possibly because of some dream i had. Nevertheless i transfered the sadness to everything around me.

So i decided that my hair was too long (actualy i had decided that a long time ago) so i got it cut.

That was not extreme enough.

I then decided that my neighborhood was far too quiet today. So i got my guitar and amp outside... perched myself on top of my hill... cranked up the amp as LOUD as it would go. And for about 15 minutes i roared! i was the loudest most prominent thing in the radious of about a mile. I could hear the echo of the guitar all around me. I was a force to be reconed with. I fully expected the cops to come and arrest me but i did not care. (This is how distraught ive been). So what is the first thing i hear after i get done playing the first few chords of "Rock you like a hurricane?"

"Wooooooo!!!!!" comes a voice from behind me. At first I thought i was some house wife yelling at me to turn it down. But no it was Ally, the neighbor girl and her friend Rachel. They were all like "You rock!!!"

And that is what happens when you make a spectacle of yourself.

They ended up comming out and watching me for the rest of the time. Then they were like "play Misery Buisness!" so i did. Then they went to the park and i realised that i couldnt play very well cuz i could not feel my fingers so i went inside. No cops came. No one told me to turn it down. In fact all i did was bring a rock concert to some 12 year old girls who were probably bored with dumb school anyways. Now they have something interesting to talk about.

So today i made interesting things happen. I told the hair cut lady to do something interesting... lol lady, she was a year older than me. Im old. I realised this as the girls asked me what grade i was in and i replyed 15th. What sillyness.

Also i love to ski. Downhill ski. Its so much fun i had forgotten.

So lets see. I have made much spectacle of myself this weekend. I danced the YMCA and Macareina in front of the whole mall of america. I Skied downhill and screamed as i fell... probably much to the amusement of the people in chairlifts above me. And i attacted the attention of everything with ears in a radious of about a mile. I'm such a child. ^_^

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So Fireflight has released their new album. just now i took a listen on their Myspace and Shoutlife. Man its sad. Its so horribly generic. So slow. Nothing happens. Granted ive only heard 3 songs in whole and 2 others about a minute each but it was horrible. One song seemed to have potential but... Im listening to their old album right now... and it is just so much better. I mean the mixing needs work and this album always gives me listening fatigue from being so bloodly loud 100% of the time, but the writing is just so much more varried.

Now i havnt listend to the whole new album, so maybe it gets better. When when in 3 out of 5 songs i hear the dreaded "Pop" chord progression as the chorus, i shudder.

So here is a list. Another top 5. The top 5 bands to release a disapointing 2nd album... or 3rd or 4th or whatever.

5. Greenday. Dookie was awesome... they should have stoped there. Thats all i can
say about that one.

4. Avenged Sevenfold. What the crap is this new album? City of Evil was great. "Oh 
now we are purely Avenged Sevenfold. The other albums were us finding ourselves"
 (not a direct quote) but come on!

3. Journey. Every album since Steve Perry left has been utter suckage. JUST STOP!

2. The Pillows. I know i know i rant and rave about how much i love The Pillows. But 
seriously, they havent released a good album since 2002, and they have released 5
 since then. They have there moments, but mostly just are generic J-Pop suckage. Unless they change their sound soon they are doomed. I still love the 
old albums. they ROCK!

1. Metallica. need it be said? St. Anger? What? Was? That?

Contrastingly some bands that have sucsesfuly released better and better albums include...

5. Yellowcard. Its hard to place this one. On the one hand i dont like the newer albums as much as i liked Ocean Avenue. But at the same time i do. They are just so different. Its hard to place. But they seem to get something right each time anyways.

4. Coheed and Cambria. They do sound different each time however.

3. Paramore. They are still young but of the two albums they have released, Riot! is even better than the first. If they keep it up they will be amazing. Lets hope they do!

2. Jimmy Eat World. They have a lot of albums under their belt. They keep getting 
better. Though differnt each time

note that most of these bands sound different each time they release an album... just a thought.

1. AFI. They just keep rocking! They get better, and better, and better!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I miss summer. There is no two ways about it. I miss the warm. I miss the feeling of the wind in my face as i drive 70 down a freeway with the windows open and my music blaring. I did that this past weekend. I had the window wide open as i crused. It was wonderful. It was only 40 out so i still needed the heat on full blast but it was more than tolerable... it was comfortable. Thats all i got to say about that.

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Friday, February 22, 2008
Time scale

So ive started storyboarding the manga im trying to write... and... i just got done after a 2.5 hour session. and... i got like 15 pages done! woo... thats about... 5 minutes of reading time. maybe less. oh bugger!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Of Ash and Mist

The scars you left they turned to grey
the man who says with nothing to say
i cannot hide bloodlust in my eyes
i will come back and not in disguise
its over you know i will reveal

your secrits your madness

The hurt in my heart wont hold me back
in one fluid move i'll have you down
the pain my heart wont fade
i dont wanna cry today
you are the last chance i have

The pool of blood you left is cold          your heart is cold
spilt fresh from your heart im sure is told          you're a liar
made my eyes seeing the light
diving through danger you know my plight
behold the blame is all on you

Crying for us smiling with us
loveing for us hateing with us
hopeing for us dreading with us
speaking in us naked to us

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
cant i just press f10?

Nerd suicide right there.

I'm ill. There are no two ways about it. Im sick. Thursday hit me like a brick wall. And i slept. And i had a fever. Friday = suckage as well but as i had to produce a band i had to muster up my strength. Run around for coffee. and use every bit of courage in me to not thrash my hands on brick walls. I was beyond angry in anyway that anyone who reads this has seen me. I was full on ready to growl in the face of any stranger who questiond my presance in the area. But... i was instantly defused by the nice man at the coffee shop who said i got a free cup of coffee with my purchase of a pound of ground beans. I just about cryed on the spot. not even jokeing. lol.

Saturday i wasnt as sick... but my lungs had decided to become filled with crap. And they were on sunday as well. Kristi was in the same boat as me so we went around all day takeing turns hacking and yelping in pain as the force of our coughs destroyed the tissue in our throats, and lungs and ruptured our diaphrams. Today i am slightly better but my lungs still hate me. 

Also i become exausted after about 5 hours of being awake and wanna go back to bed.  like now. zzzzz

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Im at that point where i dont really care about much. Ive been in class all day. I havent had a chance to mull over my life much. I was just so tired. Im still so very tired. I just go to class and stare. or doze. depending on the subject. Im trying so hard to think of some way to pull a life out of this college experience. Im trying to work out living next summer, a job... something better than target, and what major i ultimately end up with. And then there are the times that i just wanna leave.

Like today i desparately wanted to just go away for a while. A week or so. just hop in my car and go somewhere. Buy airplane tickets to japan. That would be sweet. Or better yet just drive south to the warm. lol. Winter needs to end NOW. but i just wanna stop moveing for a bit. I realize im not moving very fast it seems but i just wanna take a step outside and see for myself what im doing.

Valentines day is comming up. In honor of the occasion i will be buying a bottle of Jack and hiding in the corner all day listening to the most angry music i can find.

Just kidding.

Actualy Brenda said something about her and dave wanting to come down and visit seeing as how we are all single... i dont know what she has in mind but im sure its more fun than a bottle of jack in the corner.

I have no problem with VT day. I joke and call it Black Heart Day but that its only because i need someway to make up for my inadiquacys. It is a stupid coporate holliday but no one said you actuay HAVE to buy stuff. Be creative! write her a song. even if you dont write songs if she really loves you she will think its great. ( if not dump her). Make out, have sex, cuddle, have a nice conversation, go ice skateing, do all the things you take for granted but i dont get to do cuz im always on the wrong ladder.

Actualy i think the vast majority of my audience is single so thats a mute point. 

Nevertheless, if you are complaining about VT day because of its corporate roots get creative and not buy something to stick it in their faces. Otherwise being single is a much better reason to complain.

Im not bitter at all.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008
Heres an interesting tid bit.

So a while ago i was made aware that the original Command and Conquer was going to be released as a free download. I couldnt belive my ears (eyes really as... as i read it). Well... i am now downloading both disks. Sweetness.

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