Entry: I Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Im at that point where i dont really care about much. Ive been in class all day. I havent had a chance to mull over my life much. I was just so tired. Im still so very tired. I just go to class and stare. or doze. depending on the subject. Im trying so hard to think of some way to pull a life out of this college experience. Im trying to work out living next summer, a job... something better than target, and what major i ultimately end up with. And then there are the times that i just wanna leave.

Like today i desparately wanted to just go away for a while. A week or so. just hop in my car and go somewhere. Buy airplane tickets to japan. That would be sweet. Or better yet just drive south to the warm. lol. Winter needs to end NOW. but i just wanna stop moveing for a bit. I realize im not moving very fast it seems but i just wanna take a step outside and see for myself what im doing.

Valentines day is comming up. In honor of the occasion i will be buying a bottle of Jack and hiding in the corner all day listening to the most angry music i can find.

Just kidding.

Actualy Brenda said something about her and dave wanting to come down and visit seeing as how we are all single... i dont know what she has in mind but im sure its more fun than a bottle of jack in the corner.

I have no problem with VT day. I joke and call it Black Heart Day but that its only because i need someway to make up for my inadiquacys. It is a stupid coporate holliday but no one said you actuay HAVE to buy stuff. Be creative! write her a song. even if you dont write songs if she really loves you she will think its great. ( if not dump her). Make out, have sex, cuddle, have a nice conversation, go ice skateing, do all the things you take for granted but i dont get to do cuz im always on the wrong ladder.

Actualy i think the vast majority of my audience is single so thats a mute point. 

Nevertheless, if you are complaining about VT day because of its corporate roots get creative and not buy something to stick it in their faces. Otherwise being single is a much better reason to complain.

Im not bitter at all.


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