Entry: cant i just press f10? Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nerd suicide right there.

I'm ill. There are no two ways about it. Im sick. Thursday hit me like a brick wall. And i slept. And i had a fever. Friday = suckage as well but as i had to produce a band i had to muster up my strength. Run around for coffee. and use every bit of courage in me to not thrash my hands on brick walls. I was beyond angry in anyway that anyone who reads this has seen me. I was full on ready to growl in the face of any stranger who questiond my presance in the area. But... i was instantly defused by the nice man at the coffee shop who said i got a free cup of coffee with my purchase of a pound of ground beans. I just about cryed on the spot. not even jokeing. lol.

Saturday i wasnt as sick... but my lungs had decided to become filled with crap. And they were on sunday as well. Kristi was in the same boat as me so we went around all day takeing turns hacking and yelping in pain as the force of our coughs destroyed the tissue in our throats, and lungs and ruptured our diaphrams. Today i am slightly better but my lungs still hate me. 

Also i become exausted after about 5 hours of being awake and wanna go back to bed.  like now. zzzzz


February 19, 2008   11:29 AM PST
So what's the deal, is everyone in America sick or what? Maybe I left just in time... although it kind of sounds like you and Amy both have what I had... so sorry about that? Miss you!

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