Entry: Of Ash and Mist Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The scars you left they turned to grey
the man who says with nothing to say
i cannot hide bloodlust in my eyes
i will come back and not in disguise
its over you know i will reveal

your secrits your madness

The hurt in my heart wont hold me back
in one fluid move i'll have you down
the pain my heart wont fade
i dont wanna cry today
you are the last chance i have

The pool of blood you left is cold          your heart is cold
spilt fresh from your heart im sure is told          you're a liar
made my eyes seeing the light
diving through danger you know my plight
behold the blame is all on you

Crying for us smiling with us
loveing for us hateing with us
hopeing for us dreading with us
speaking in us naked to us


February 20, 2008   06:28 AM PST
grumpy then, are we?

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