Entry: Dissapointment Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So Fireflight has released their new album. just now i took a listen on their Myspace and Shoutlife. Man its sad. Its so horribly generic. So slow. Nothing happens. Granted ive only heard 3 songs in whole and 2 others about a minute each but it was horrible. One song seemed to have potential but... Im listening to their old album right now... and it is just so much better. I mean the mixing needs work and this album always gives me listening fatigue from being so bloodly loud 100% of the time, but the writing is just so much more varried.

Now i havnt listend to the whole new album, so maybe it gets better. When when in 3 out of 5 songs i hear the dreaded "Pop" chord progression as the chorus, i shudder.

So here is a list. Another top 5. The top 5 bands to release a disapointing 2nd album... or 3rd or 4th or whatever.

5. Greenday. Dookie was awesome... they should have stoped there. Thats all i can
say about that one.

4. Avenged Sevenfold. What the crap is this new album? City of Evil was great. "Oh 
now we are purely Avenged Sevenfold. The other albums were us finding ourselves"
 (not a direct quote) but come on!

3. Journey. Every album since Steve Perry left has been utter suckage. JUST STOP!

2. The Pillows. I know i know i rant and rave about how much i love The Pillows. But 
seriously, they havent released a good album since 2002, and they have released 5
 since then. They have there moments, but mostly just are generic J-Pop suckage. Unless they change their sound soon they are doomed. I still love the 
old albums. they ROCK!

1. Metallica. need it be said? St. Anger? What? Was? That?

Contrastingly some bands that have sucsesfuly released better and better albums include...

5. Yellowcard. Its hard to place this one. On the one hand i dont like the newer albums as much as i liked Ocean Avenue. But at the same time i do. They are just so different. Its hard to place. But they seem to get something right each time anyways.

4. Coheed and Cambria. They do sound different each time however.

3. Paramore. They are still young but of the two albums they have released, Riot! is even better than the first. If they keep it up they will be amazing. Lets hope they do!

2. Jimmy Eat World. They have a lot of albums under their belt. They keep getting 
better. Though differnt each time

note that most of these bands sound different each time they release an album... just a thought.

1. AFI. They just keep rocking! They get better, and better, and better!


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