Entry: The things i do. Monday, March 10, 2008

I woke up today in a not so great mood. I was sad. And depressed. Possibly because of some dream i had. Nevertheless i transfered the sadness to everything around me.

So i decided that my hair was too long (actualy i had decided that a long time ago) so i got it cut.

That was not extreme enough.

I then decided that my neighborhood was far too quiet today. So i got my guitar and amp outside... perched myself on top of my hill... cranked up the amp as LOUD as it would go. And for about 15 minutes i roared! i was the loudest most prominent thing in the radious of about a mile. I could hear the echo of the guitar all around me. I was a force to be reconed with. I fully expected the cops to come and arrest me but i did not care. (This is how distraught ive been). So what is the first thing i hear after i get done playing the first few chords of "Rock you like a hurricane?"

"Wooooooo!!!!!" comes a voice from behind me. At first I thought i was some house wife yelling at me to turn it down. But no it was Ally, the neighbor girl and her friend Rachel. They were all like "You rock!!!"

And that is what happens when you make a spectacle of yourself.

They ended up comming out and watching me for the rest of the time. Then they were like "play Misery Buisness!" so i did. Then they went to the park and i realised that i couldnt play very well cuz i could not feel my fingers so i went inside. No cops came. No one told me to turn it down. In fact all i did was bring a rock concert to some 12 year old girls who were probably bored with dumb school anyways. Now they have something interesting to talk about.

So today i made interesting things happen. I told the hair cut lady to do something interesting... lol lady, she was a year older than me. Im old. I realised this as the girls asked me what grade i was in and i replyed 15th. What sillyness.

Also i love to ski. Downhill ski. Its so much fun i had forgotten.

So lets see. I have made much spectacle of myself this weekend. I danced the YMCA and Macareina in front of the whole mall of america. I Skied downhill and screamed as i fell... probably much to the amusement of the people in chairlifts above me. And i attacted the attention of everything with ears in a radious of about a mile. I'm such a child. ^_^


March 10, 2008   10:30 PM PDT
Depression= bad
makng a fool out of yourself=great
releasing the energy=good
not mentiong HOT TUBING=unforgivable

lol... .sounds like an interesting time! =)

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