Entry: Happy Thoughts part 2 Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 Years and some days ago i wrote a blog here called Happy Thoughts. It was about the Jazzman. The bus driver who plays jazz music on a boom box on one of the busses here at school. He is totaly still doing it. He upgraded his boom box but he is still here. He still cranks out those jazzy rythems. It makes for good times and helps make my day a little better each time i board his bus.

Its the little things in life that help us make it through the rough spots.

And belive me there are alot of rough spots.

I came across that entry while going through past entrys ive written. Its very interesting to see what ive written about in the past. Ive written so much. Over 4 years 300 entrys and over 9000 hits. Im just being nastalgic right now. i dunno. ^_^


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